The Ministry

Defence Division is the only Division of Ministry of Defence. The Defence Division being the Administrative Division and Secretariat of the Ministry of Defence is responsible for the achievements of its Mission Statement.


Historical Background

The historic building of “Calcutta House” accommodates the Ministry of Defence which is a successor of the Military Department created by the British East India Company in Calcutta in 1976. After the accession of Punjab in the British Empire in 1849, Northern Command of British Indian Army was shifted to Rawalpindi. Setting up of Military Accounts Office was necessitated to manage the accounts of large forces employed in this Command. Consequently, a building was constructed on Mackeson Road, later Adamjee Road, for ‘CMA-Western Circle’ which was completed in three years 1885-1888. The staff working in building mostly came from Calcutta thus becoming the basis for commonly used name ‘Calcutta Daftar’. The building continued to be used by the Military Accounts Department up to 1966 when, with the establishment of Capital in Islamabad, the Ministry of Defence was shifted from Karachi to this building.

Organization Chart